People of Hanoi will have a chance to see the three dimensions image of Diên Hựu pagoda (now is known as Một Cột pagoda) in virtual reality space at an exhibition that is held at the Vietnam Arts Museum, 66 Nguyễn Thái Học Street.

This is a part of the exhibition named "Exploring the architectural heritage of Một Cột - Diên Hựu pagoda in virtual reality". The exhibition not only attracts students of Hanoi but also adults and children.

The center of the exhibition is a series of images, 3D movies, virtual reality products, the simulated model of Một Cột - Diên Hựu pagoda, a structure from the Lý dynasty, that was made in 10 years by researchers, architects, and people who love Vietnamese traditional culture.  

The highlight of the series is a simulated 3D model of Một Cột - Diên Hựu pagoda. Although the model was just a product of technology it still had architectural proportions like the original structure.

The exhibition has images of Một Cột-Diên Hựu pagoda in different periods. It also has exhibits that are made after original artifacts, Buddhist statues in various materials...

The exhibition will last until November 30./.