Vietnam’s Government Inspectorate, in conjunction with the US Embassy in Vietnam, held a seminar on September 10 to share anti-corruption experience.

Speakers at the event included lawyer Danforth Newcomb, a leading specialist in the field of embezzlement prevention.

Danforth said there are many ways to identify fraudulent actions through emails, messages and other forms of communication, noting that it is extremely important to very carefully collect all the relevant information when investigating corruption cases.

About the need for press agencies to actively join the fight against corruption, the lawyer said that the media must ensure impartiality and take initiative in releasing information related to anti-corruption effort.

They also need to strictly manage their online systems, prevent inaccurate information from being published and establish open forums to correct mistakes and misinformation.

The knowledge and experience shared by Danforth at the event is expected to be a useful reference for the Government Inspectorate in the field.-VNA