The country’s first international seminar on protecting Hanoi’s lakes in a sustainable manner amid rapid urbanisation and climate change, took place in Hanoi on June 22, with over 150 domestic and overseas experts taking part.

The seminar was jointly organised by the Centre for the Environment and Community Research (CECR), part of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and a number of other agencies.

Nguyen Ngoc Ly, CECR’s Director, said that successfully restoring Hanoi ’s lakes to their original condition to protect the eco-system is in the interests of local communities and must be prioritised.

Several overseas specialists attending the seminar explained how they restored the Balaton lake in Hungary , Han River in the Republic of Korea and Tahoe lake in the US .

According to a report recently published by CECR, pollution, poor infrastructure and a lack of public awareness are threatening the health of the capital’s lakes.

CECR also unveiled its new website which as well as providing information, will link up environmental experts, businesses and local communities so that future moves to restore and protect Hanoi’s lakes are successful.

As part of its response to World Earth Day 2012, CECR, in conjunction with the US Embassy and over 100 volunteers, recently cleaned up Ngoc Khanh Lake, to help raise the publics awareness of the need to protect the environment.-VNA