The Ministry of Information and Communications held a seminar to discuss measures against press errors, in the central province of Quang Binh from August 24-25.

At the event, a representative of the Press Department outlined kinds of press errors over the past time, mainly erroneous political information, unverified and untrue information or information that violated privacy or offended citizens’ honour and dignity, as well as untrue information without quoting reliable sources on cases under investigation.

The delegates emphasised that relevant authorities should perfect regulations and legal framework on press organisations and journalists’ activities, increasing the role of orientation of press management agencies, continuing to strengthen and improve professional skills of leaders, reporters and editors as well as upholding social responsibilities and civil duties of journalists on duty.

They agreed that domestic press outlets have competently performed their assigned function and mission, manifesting the role of official organs of the State, Party and social organisations as well as forums of the people.

By March, 2011, the whole country had 745 press outlets with 1,003 printed newspapers, 67 State and local radio and television stations, 46 e-newspapers and magazines, 287 news websites of press outlets and thousands of news websites of domestic agencies, organisations, mass organisations and businesses./.