The Government Inspectorate hosted a seminar in Hanoi on July 9 to discuss the role of state agencies in detecting and dealing with corruption.

At the event, participants underlined the urgency to tackle corruption, saying that it is difficult work that needs to be strictly implemented over the long-term, with the participation of the public and the whole national political system.

They agreed that for effective preventing and fighting corruption, a key measure is to enhance State agencies’ role in detecting and dealing with such negative phenomena.

Many delegates proposed enhancing the supervisory role of the National Assembly and People’s Council at all levels over anti-corruption efforts.

Delivering a speech at the event, Government General Inspector Huynh Phong Tranh said the country has achieved initial outcomes in its anti-corruption efforts, thanks to the close collaboration of inspection and auditing agencies, procuracies and courts.

Additionally, awareness work and regulations have received due attention and become increasingly effective, with more cases of corruption discovered and strictly dealt with, he added.

The inspector stressed that the moves help find weaknesses in socio-economic management, therefore measures can be taken to prevent corruption and bribery in State agencies.

However, the battle still has several shortcomings as acts of corruption still grow in sophistication.

Delegates said it is necessary to improve investigations, inspections, audits, prosecutions and trials, as well as speed up the settlement of corruption cases, especially serious and complex ones.-VNA