A seminar on India and Vietnam’s traditional relations and their future prospects for cooperation was held in the Indian city of Kolkata on September 20.

The seminar, which aims to mark the 64th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day, also introduced a book titled “Indian cultural influence in Vietnam” by Geetesh Sharma, President of the India-Vietnam Solidarity Committee.

Also attending the event were H. M. Halim, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal State, Indian historian Amalendu De and a representative of the Vietnamese embassy in India, Nguyen Tuan Anh.
Participants highlighted the friendship between the Vietnamese and Indian peoples, which has its roots in their cultural exchange over thousands of years.

This exchange has been improved by the two countries’ leaders throughout the generations, especially the late Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh and the late Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlan Nerhu.

They also recalled the highlights of the history of their friendship during their past struggles such as the assistance of West Bengal’s people to Vietnam, their anti-war protests and blood donation movements.

At the seminar, many Indian scholars said they highly valued the achievements of the Vietnamese people in the process of national reform and development. They called on the two countries’ peoples to promote cultural exchange and dialogue and to accelerate the opening of an airway from Kolkata to Ho Chi Minh City as well as of a Vietnamese Consulate General in Kolkata.

On this occasion, officials from the Indian-Vietnam Solidarity Committee and representatives of Vietnam’s embassy in India laid wreaths at the Ho Chi Minh Presidential monument in the Indian city./.