A seminar was held in Ho Chi Minh City on Dec. 23 to mark the 30 th founding anniversary of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS).

The seminar, entitled “Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, 30 years of development accompaning the nation” drew the participation of nearly 200 Buddhist followers and researchers nationwide.

The VBS Executive Council affirmed in its report that during nearly 2,000 years of existing and developing in Vietnam, Buddhism was in harmony and close to the nation throughout history. Especially in periods of historical ups and downs, Vietnamese Buddhism actively contributed to fighting against foreign invaders to bring peace and independence as well as build and defend the country.

The report said the Government’s decrees and ordinances on belief and religion are the basis for religious activities to obtain effective results. Achievements of Buddhism over the past 30 years were joint efforts by monks, nuns and followers of various Buddhist organisations and sects.

It affirmed that the major advantages deciding the development of the VBS are solidarity, a high degree of harmony and respecting the causes of both religion and nation.

Many reports on the role and plans of the VBS in the current period affirmed the motto of Vietnamese monks, nuns and followers: “Religion – Nation –Socialism”, which is in line with the development of the country and of the current age.

Venerable Thich Gia Quang, Deputy General Secretary of the VBS Executive Council, said that the VBS has joined hands to address difficulties in the national renewal process, including environmental issues, climate change and social and moral problems./.