The problems that arose when the Law on Adoption and the Hague Convention were implemented, were the topics for discussion at a seminar held by the Ministry of Justice on June 6.

It is also an opportunity for overseas adoption agencies to raise their understanding of Vietnam ’s current adoption laws.

The Law on Adoption and its guidelines, which were issued in 2010 and 2011, marked a breakthrough in the country’s legislation on adoptions.

It is the first time that domestic and overseas adoption institutions have been included in the same document, which helps with managing and registering adoptions.

This is also the first time that adoption fees have been handled transparently under Vietnamese law.

However, the ministry pointed out that a wide range of difficulties had emerged after the Law on Adoption had been in force for 18 months and the Hague Convention had been implemented for only four months.

The ministry attributed the difficulties to Vietnamese agencies and organisations still operating in an old fashioned manner when dealing with adoptions under the new law.

Deputy Minister of Justice Dinh Trung Tung said his ministry has issued licences to 25 overseas adoption organisations that operate in Vietnam in line with the new law.

However, the organisations have yet to meet requirements demanded by the new law as well as the Hague Convention.

The delegates, from nine embassies, UNICEF, the government, several provinces and overseas adoption agencies discussed the difficulties and challenges and also proposed ways of enforcing the new Law on Adoption and the Hague Convention.-VNA