Lieutenant General Dao Duy Minh, the Deputy Head of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army hosted a reception on Feb. 23 for a delegation of young officers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

At the reception, Minh said the meeting with the youth of the Vietnam People’s Army, provided both with the chance to share their experiences in youth related work and discuss the roles of young people in the armies of both countries.

The General said the visit by the delegation, led by Colonel Wu Yuzhang, Deputy Head of the China Defence Ministry’s Foreign Affairs Office is part of an agreement signed by the defence ministries of both countries to exchange visits for young officers.

Yuzhang thanked Minh for the warm reception, adding that he is pleased at being able to visit Vietnam .

During the visit, the Chinese delegation will visit several military universities and schools around the country and go sightseeing in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh cities./.