Leaving the pier, the boat passes Landmark 81 Tower, the tallest tower in Ho Chi Minh City, and Saigon Pearl, one of the most luxurious urban areas in town. This is the best way for tourists to admire the beautiful sights of Ho Chi Minh City by night.

Passing Nha Rong Wharf, built in 1863 by French colonialists and where the Ho Chi Minh Museum is now located, tourists will see Saigon Port and watch the city’s inhabitants go about their business.

"Other river tours only offer a trip among the beauty of the city by waterway, but this tour has nice food and beverages as well," said Giang Bich Thuan, a tourist.

The tour cost around 85 USD for adults on trips taking two and a half hours and runs every weekend.

Savouring a deluxe afternoon tea and fine champagne while enjoying the cool breeze on the Saigon River is an intriguing experience for both local people and visitors to the city.

Waterway tourism is expected to become an advantage of the city’s tourism sector, providing new experiences to tourists to the metropolis./.