Long queues of vehicles are reported to have wait for customs clearance at the Lao Bao - Dansavanh border crossing in Quang Tri province for days. (Photo: danviet.vn)

Quang Tri (VNA) – Separate lanes have been opened for vehicles travelling through Lao Bao – Dansavanh border crossing that connects the central province of Quang Tri and Laos’ Savannakhet province as long queues of vehicles have remained there for days.

The border gate management centre under the Quang Tri economic zone management board on August 6 reported the provincial People’s Committee on resolving the long queues of trucks transporting goods from Vietnam to Laos and vice versa.

Tropical storm Son Tinh has caused heavy rainfall and flooding in Laos, making the road connecting Vietnam and Laos through Cha Lo (Quang Binh) - Na Phao (Khammouane) border gate submerged. Vehicles had to re-route to reach Laos via the Lao Bao – Dansavanh border gate, resulting in long queues of trucks waiting for customs clearance.

Since July 28, the border gate has seen a surge in the number of trucks passing through which were 1.5 – 2 times higher than normal and even reached 300 – 350 vehicles in some days. Most of the vehicles were container trucks carrying fruits, electronic goods and pulp from Laos to Vietnam; and woodchips from Vietnam to Laos.

To ease the jam, the authority has decided to open two separate lanes for vehicles from Vietnam to Laos with one exclusively for those transporting woodchips. While for those from Laos to Vietnam, three lanes have been set up with one exclusively for trucks carrying fruits and farm produce.

Vehicles which had arrived in the border gate but are not eligible for customs clearance have been directed to park in other areas near the gate.

At the same time, competent Vietnamese and Lao forces have coordinated in strengthening surveillance so as to ensure security and traffic safety at the border gate.–VNA