Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam (or Temple of Literature), a renowned relic site in Hanoi has undertaken various initiatives to implement the recently issued Code of Conduct for Tourists. Among which, one of the most noticeable measure is cloth lending service for visitors who are unaware of clothing issues when visiting temples or pagodas.



30 sets of overcoats with various sizes are ready to lend visitors in case they want to visit Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam relic site yet wearing disrespectful clothes. The grey overcoats with the relic site’s logo are designed based on the image of former students’ uniform but with some customized details to suit visitors.

Visitors to the Temple of Literature can borrow the overcoats on the way to the worshipping areas in case they want to go in.

The relic site’s management board has constantly collected visitors’ feedbacks on the costume to improve its convenience.

The initiative of decent costume lending is proving effective. Yet, preservation of solemn atmosphere in sanctuaries requires joint efforts from authorities, tourism agencies and other stakeholders to raise awareness among visitors on Vietnam’s traditional customs.-VNA