The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued a decision recognising seven more national relic and tourism sites.

They include Quan Dai temple and Man mountain historical and scenic complex in the northern province of Quang Ninh, and Hoang Chau temple historical relic site in northern Hai Phong city.

The northern province of Hai Duong is home to two historical relic sites, namely Nguyen Thi Due temple and tomb complex, and Khuc Thua Du temple.

The decision also names Bui Dang Chau temple and tomb complex, and Phan Thuy temple in the northern province of Hung Yen.

The Quan Dai temple, built in 1877 in Quang Yen town, worships two generals under the Nguyen dynasty (19th century), namely Truong Quoc Dung and Van Duc Giai, who contributed to maintaining security in the northern border area and combating French troops.

Meanwhile, the Nguyen Thi Due temple is located in Hai Duong’s Chi Linh district to worship Nguyen Thi Due, the first female doctor in the Vietnamese feudal history. She dressed in disguise as a man to take an examination held by the Mac dynasty in Cao Bang province in the 16th century and got the doctorate degree.-VNA