Security units regroup near the rubber plantation in Chanae district of Narathiwat after the raid on an insurgent camp on January 18 morning. (Photo: Bangkokpost)

Bangkok (VNA) – Five army rangers and two policemen were seriously wounded by bomb blasts in southern Thailand on January 18.

Separate roadside bombings hit Su-ngai Padi district in Narathiwat province, and Nong Chik district in Pattani province in the morning.

In Su-ngai Padi district, five army rangers while patrolling a road along a railway track were wounded by two bombs detonated by suspected separatists.

In Nong Chik, another bomb went off on a road, wounding two policemen who were providing security for local teachers in a village.

Security in southern Thailand has been complicated since 2004 when Muslim militants began attacks on local residents and security forces. The attacks have killed thousands of people so far.-VNA