The northern provinces will experience three to four cold spells in March, the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Weather Forecasting has predicted.

The cold spells will result in a cold weather conditions at night and during pre-dawn.

The average rainfall and temperature in the northern and central provinces will be similar to those seen in previous years.

Meanwhile, the Central Highlands and southern provinces will experience a dry season this month. These areas will see little rain: under 15 millimetres. Water levels of the main rivers in these areas are forecast to be lower than previous years by 20 to 72 percent.

Extremely hot weather and salt intrusion this dry season is threatening more than 25,000 hectares of rice in the southern province of Hau Giang.

The revelation was made by the provincial Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Weather Forecasting, which pointed out that the affected areas are in the Phung Hiep, Chau Thanh A, Long My, Vi Thuy districts and Vi Thanh city.

Drought and salt intrusion occurred earlier this year, owing to a higher salt level than seen in previous years and as a result of global climate change, said experts from the centre.

The provincial authorities have asked localities to check their dike system and water pumping stations and have made plans to upgrade the stations to reserve clean water for the rice.

Local authorities have also asked farmers to reserve enough water in their ponds and lakes and closely monitor salt levels in the rivers so that they can adopt a topical plan to limit salt intrusion.-VNA