Shangri-La Dialogue 2019 wraps up hinh anh 1Minister of Defence Ngo Xuan Lich speaks at the dialogue (Source: VNA)

Singapore (VNA) – The Shangri-La Dialogue 2019 wrapped up in Singapore on June 2 with three plenary dialogue sessions focusing on the topics of China and international security cooperation, prevention of clashes and ensurance of a region of self-reliance and stability.

Addressing the dialogue, Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe held that the world is facing many challenges relating to both traditional and non-traditional security as well as newly-emerged ones which are threatening peace, stability and joint development of the mankind. In that context, he said, China wishes to join the sides in pushing p cooperation, setting disputes and differences so as to together maintain the current world order.

As for the China-US relations, the minister stressed that in general, bilateral ties are still stable. With regard to the East Sea, he said China and ASEAN are actively negotiating to build and perfect the Code of Conduct (COC) in the sea so as to help maintain peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

Minister of Defence Ngo Xuan Lich affirmed Vietnam’s viewpoint and stance of solving disputes and preventing hostilities in the atmosphere of peace with the spirit of partnership and for the community responsibility. He stressed that peace, cooperation and development remain a major trend, the fain flow and the common interests of the countries.

The countries can cooperate in the search for ways to shrink differences and deal with disputes if they put peace and stability in the first place, Minister Lich affirmed. To this end, the sides must look for fields of mutually beneficial cooperation, build trust and solve conflicts and disputes, the official said, admitting that this will be a long and complicated journey which requires high political determination and joint actions from every country.

In his speech, host Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen also held that the increasing tension and competition among major regional powers will pose a huge challenge for other countries in the region and the world over. In that context, the countries should join hands in building an open global economy and consolidate cooperation in the multilateral framework, and ASEAN countries should together consolidate bilateral and multilateral commitments so as to create a foundation for the construction of a strong security structure, he said.

The official also stressed the importance of the negotiations of the COC between ASEAN and China, affirming that a practical and effective COC will help strengthen self-trust and promote stability of the region.-VNA