Sheikhul Islam, Foreign Ministry host (Photo:

Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - The Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have launched a "Meet the Ambassador Lunch Talk" to share ideas and promote cooperation in religious and economic matters between Thailand and foreign envoys.

At the "Meet the Ambassador Lunch Talk", Sheikhul Islam Vice Chairman Prasarn Sricharoen and Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Bussadee Santipitak, welcomed foreign ambassadors, charges d’affaires and representatives of different nations, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Cambodia.

The delegates exchanged ideas and promoted cooperation through religion. Thailand recognizes five main religions, namely Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism, with the monarchy acting as the patron of all faiths. Thai people of different faiths are able to co-exist peacefully and equally in a multicultural society.

The event also provided information on the growing halal food industry in Thailand, in an effort to boost exports of Halal food. The event was aimed at strengthening ties between Thailand and other countries and promoting cooperation in religious and economic affairs in the future.

The Department of Internal Trade plans to open Blue-Flag markets for the sale of merchandise at prices 20-40 percent lower than market prices after the situation has returned to normal in the areas currently affected by floods. The merchandise will include materials for house repairs and subsistence goods./.