Thousands of antiquities from an ancient sunken ship have been discovered in the coastal area of Chau Thuan Bien hamlet, Binh Chau commune, Binh Son district in the central province of Quang Ngai.

The objects were collected from the seabed during the June 4-23 excavation, the Quang Ngai provincial steering board for archaeological exploration and excavation of underwater cultural heritage said at a press briefing on June 30.

Of the discovered objects, over 4,000 artefacts, including coins and ceramics, were recovered undamaged.
They are believed to date back to the 13 th century, and will be displayed at the Quang Ngai provincial Museum.

The ship measures 20.5 metres long and 5.6 metres wide with 13 holds. Remnants left from holds 4 to 6 prove that the ship caught fire before sinking.

This is the sixth excavation of ancient shipwrecks conducted in Vietnam’s territorial waters.

The findings are expected to contribute to the research of Vietnam’s ceramics in the 13 th century and enrich the country’s cultural heritage.

Doan Sung, an advisor at Doan Anh Duong Ltd. Co, which is carrying out the excavation, said his company will continue to survey the area up to 300 metres around the sunken ship.-VNA