In the first month of the year, seafood enterprises processed more than 6,000 tonnes of shrimp for export, a huge increase from last year.

As a result, the exports earn the province 20 million USD in revenue, twice the amount earned during the same period last year.

Traders now purchase tiger prawns at prices between 240,000-280,000 VND (11.5-13.4 USD) per kilo of 20 prawns, 160,000-180,000 VND (7.7-8.6 USD) per kilo of 30 and VND150,000 (7.2 USD) per kilo of 40, up 10,000-20,000 VND (0.48-0.96 USD) against last week.

Meanwhile, prices of white-legged shrimp are also on the rise, now sold at 130,000 VND (6.25 USD), 116,000 VND (5.58 USD) and 110,000 VND (5.29 USD) per kilo of 40, 50 and 60 pieces respectively. However, the supply is running short due to the shrimp crop coming to an end, according to local farmers.-VNA