The Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association (RVFA) and the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia jointly held a ceremony in Moscow on January 22 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement (January 27, 1973-2013) and the 70th anniversary of the Soviet people’s Stalingrad Victory (February 2, 1943-2013).

The event was attended by Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Pham Xuan Son, RVFA President Vladimir Buyanov and former Soviet military experts in Vietnam.

Addressing the function, Son stressed that the Soviet people’s Stalingrad victory was a great spiritual encouragement for the Vietnamese people, leading to their successful August 1945 Revolution and the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Later, with the Soviet people’s diplomatic support and material assistance, Vietnam succeeded in forcing the US to sign the historical Paris Agreement in 1973, he said.

The ambassador said the two anniversaries will help educate young generations on the heroic past of their predecessors.

Major General Anatoly Pozdeev, former Soviet military expert in Vietnam, said that people of his generation proudly call the Hanoi–Dien Bien Phu in the air victory the Stalingrad victory in Vietnam.-VNA