Singapore acts to ensure water security hinh anh 1SingSpring Sea water treatmentplant in Singapore. (Source: Bloomberg)

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore said on September 3 that it plans build another water treatment plant in an effort to ensure sufficient water supply to urban areas.

The facility, the fourth of its kind, will be located in the east Marina Bay with an expected daily capacity of 140,000 cubic metres. It will desalinise sea water and treat water from the Marina Bay.

According to the PUB, the agency has developed water supply facilities to provide water security for the country, especially during recent dry seasons.

Currently, roughly 1.14 million cubic metres of water are drawn from Malaysia’s Johor River each day to be treated, fulfilling 60 percent of Singapore’s demand.

Singapore aims to self-supply 80 percent of the domestic demand once the water agreement between Singapore and Malaysia ends in 2016.-VNA