Singapore Airlines (SIA) will cancel 19 flights to Bangkok in the near future due to lower demand of Singaporean people to visit Thailand during the current political turmoil in the capital.

The cancellations will be in force for more than a month, from January 14 to February 25, SIA announced.

SIA is now one of the large airlines on the Singapore-Bangkok route, with five flights per day. The firm uses aircrafts AirBus 330 and Boeing 777, which have capacity of 320 and 285 passengers respectively.

O ther airlines such as Tigerair, AirAsia and Jetstar will still maintain their operation on the route, between Singapore and Bangkok.

Travel agencies are also seeing fewer travellers to Bangkok.

The Straits Times daily quoted Marketing Director of Dynasty Travel agency, Alicia Seah as saying that her company usually arranges travelling and accommodation for 20 customers to Bangkok every week, but in the first days of January 2014, it did not receive a single order.

Alicia predicted that if the unstable situation in Bangkok continues, Dynasty Travel’s number of orders to depart for the capital in the first quarter of this year will see a year-on-year decrease of about 70 percent.-VNA