Singapore announces national strategy on cyber security hinh anh 1The scene of the opening ceremony of the International Cyber security Week in Singapore. (Source: Xinhuanews/VNA)

Singapore (VNA)Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officially announced Singapore’s national strategy on cyber security on October 10 while attending the opening ceremony of the International Cyber security Week held for the first time in the Southeast Asian country.

The PM stressed cyber security is an issue of national importance, especially in building a smart country while ensuring safety.

The strategy focuses on four major goals: boosting the construction of major infrastructure and protecting them from cyber attacks; building an ecosystem of cyber security embracing both enterprises and individuals; creating jobs via utilising cyber security talents and boost international cooperation to cope with cyberspace threats.

In order to achieve these goals, Singapore will increase spending on IT to strengthen information infrastructure in such important fields as emergency service, e-government, banking and finance, transport and health.

Singapore also plans to give more power to the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) which was formed in 2015, in controlling services related to cyber security in the private sector such as the financial payment system.

The International Cyber Security Week 2016 draws a crowd of governmental officials and IT and cyber security experts and representatives from 250 big companies from all over the world.-VNA