Singapore invests 7.2 billion USD into underground sewer super highway hinh anh 1A desalination plant in Singapore's western Tuas district, is part of the city-state's effort to raise its self-sufficiency in water. (Photo:

Singapore (VNA) – The Singaporean Government is spending 10 billion SGD (7.2 billion USD) to complete an underground sewer system in the city state.

The underground superhighway is 3-6 metres in diameter, and is installed at a depth of 35-55 metres. It will collect wastewater from households and factories, and transport it to treatment plants. Post-treatment water will be used mainly for industrial and air-con cooling purposes.

According to Ng Joo Hee, chief executive of the Public Utilities Board, used water is a source of good water, and it should not be wasted.

The approximately 90 km-long tunnel line, which is scheduled for completion by 2025, is meant to increase the ratio of recycled wastewater to total water demand in Singapore from current 40 percent.

The Singaporean government hopes to meet up to 85 percent of demand with wastewater recycling and seawater desalination by 2060.

As a water-scare nation, Singapore is investing heavily to raise its water self-sufficiency rate because it has periodically faced pressure over the issue from neighbouring Malaysia, which has traditionally supplied it with much of its water.-VNA