Singapore seeks measures for smart city building hinh anh 1Buildings in Singapore (Photo: AFP/VNA)
Singapore (VNA) – Singapore needs to continue finding “innovative and sustainable ways” to improve its urban design, given its space constraints and competing needs for residences, industries, leisure, and amenities, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said on October 2.

The official made the statement while addressing the opening ceremony of the country’s large-scale event on architecture and building services.

ASEAN is projected to become the fourth-largest single market by 2030, while Asia is expected to continue being the world’s fastest-growing region. The speed of growth in Asia will result in rapid urbanisation and greater demand for infrastructure and building, he noted. 

Singapore should thus be accelerating its infrastructure sector, including reliable urban design, as it can boost a city’s character and identity as such spaces can often become homogenised in an increasingly globalised world. 

Furthermore, advancements in urban design will require more productive methods, so Singapore needs to keep up with the accelerating pace of technological advancement, to continue building the country into a green, highly liveable, and smart city.

The nation has launched various solutions to improve construction quality, particularly a new energy law for buildings, contributing to climate change adaptation.

In addition, the Singaporean Government has implemented an initiative worth 3 million SGD (over 2 million USD) to procure security cameras and smart sensors, amongst others, to ensure safety and security for its citizens and tourists.

At the event this year, 13 conferences and six exhibitions will be organised to introduce the latest technologies and trends that meet the demand of Singapore’s construction sector, especially on building smart nation and security measures.

About 10,000 delegates, architects, contractors, builders, and interior designers are expected to attend the three-day event, along with representatives from the government and international housing development agencies. –VNA