Singapore tightens security ahead of National Day hinh anh 1There will be around 5,600 people involved in safety and security measures for this year's National Day Parade at the Padang. (Source:

Singapore (VNA) – Singapore has tightened security ahead of its National Day, especially in Padang where a parade is scheduled to take place on August 9.

Around 5,600 people have been mobilised to ensure safety and security, including personnel from the armed forces, the police, the civil defence force and volunteers.

A local official said that security has been stepped up as the event space has more entry points than previous years.

Personal and vehicular check stations have been set up, while security checks will be carried out on all people entering Padang, including using walk-through metal detector checks and personal belongings will also be x-rayed.

Ticket holders watching the parade are reminded not to bring prohibited items into Padang such as scissors.

Other security measures include restrictions on flying unmanned aircraft, including drones, into the event area. Security officials will be on the ground to look out for drone activity within the Marina Bay and Padang area.

A contingency response has also been planned in the event of a mass casualty and security threat with staff from the army, civil defence force and Health Ministry. Five medical posts have been set up in the area.

Quick-response forces dispersed throughout the area have been trained. These forces are able to attend to casualties, especially in areas where it may not be so accessible to medical assets.-VNA