Bosch Group has viewed Singapore to be an important market to showcase its emergent technologies, the company said in a recent press release.

The electronics and engineering company confirmed that Singapore will continue to play an important part in the firm's strategy and to be the site for research and development.

Bosch's sales in the Asia-Pacific totalled 18.3 billion SGD last year, doubling the sales in the past 10 years thanks to heavy investment into the region, reaching 5.5 billion SGD from 2010 to 2014.

Bosch’s investments include a production and engineering hub for automotive aftermarket parts in China, as well as the expansion of a petrol and diesel direct injection systems plant in the Republic of Korea. In June, Bosch opened its first plant in Indonesia, producing fuel injectors, oxygen sensors and other automotive parts.

Peter Tyroller, Bosch Group board member responsible for Asia Pacific said that the firm’s investments in the coming years in Asia Pacific would remain at a high level, expecting sales in the region by 2020 to double again.-VNA