Singaporean suspects plead guilty hinh anh 1Sim Lim Square. (Photo:
Four Singaporeans, all of them were former staff at a phone store in Sim Lim Square where a notorious trick involving a Vietnamese customer occurred last year, pleaded guilty at court on October 1.

The four – Koh Guan Seng, Kam Kok Keong, Lim Hong Ching and Kelvin Lim Zhi Wei, all aged between 30 and 39 – faced up to 15 charges each.

Koh has admitted to six counts with cheated money hitting 9,789 SGD; Kam, four counts with 5,310 SGD; Lim Hong Ching, two counts and 1,600 SGD; and Kelvin Lim with one count and 330 SGD.

The four said they were hired by Jover Chew Chiew Loon, owner of the since-closed Mobile Air store, who controlled phone prices and taught them how to defraud clients.

As part of the scheme, attractive prices were used to appeal to buyers. Once agreements are made, customers have to pay in full and are required to sign papers before having their products delivered.

Under the inked papers, additional items and amounts are added. The client has no choice but to pay extra or not receive their phones.

Condemning the action as an undeniable misconduct that has harmed the reputation of Singapore’s retail and tourism, the prosecutor proposed up to five months in jail for each count.-VNA