Singapore’s aviation forecast to grow sharply in next 20 years hinh anh 1Part of Changi International Airport (Source:Internet)
Singapore (VNA) – The growth of Singapore’s aviation industry in the next 20 years will outpace that of several neighbouring markets including Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong (China), according to a new study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The IATA said the number of air travellers and aviation-related jobs in Singapore could more than double in two decades.

The growth is expected to increase the industry's contribution to Singapore's gross domestic product by the same quantum to an estimated 65 billion USD in 2035.

The Singaporean Government is currently pouring billions of USD into building new infrastructure and improving facilities for the aviation industry.

It is expected that Changi International Airport’s Terminal 4 will open next year and its Terminal 5 is likely to be ready by the end of the next decade. By that time, Changi will be able to serve up to 135 million passengers a year, up from 66 million now.

The IATA’s study also showed that there will be more people flying to, from and within Asia than Europe and North America combined by 2030.-VNA