Singapore’s labour market remains quite stable hinh anh 1A corner of Singapore (Source: channelnewsasia) 
Hanoi (VNA) – Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has reported that the country’s labour market in the third quarter of this year saw no major changes compared with the second quarter.

In its latest preliminary report, the ministry estimated that unemployment rate in the first quarter remained unchanged from the same period in 2016, and the unemployment rates of Singaporean residents and citizens were higher.

Taking a quarter-on-quarter basis, the seasonally adjusted overall unemployment rate declined slightly from 2.2 percent in June to 2.1 percent in September, while the unemployment rate for citizens declined from 3.3 percent in June to 3.2 percent in September, and the unemployment rate for residents remained at 3.1 percent.

The ministry forecast that the resident unemployment rate could remain high in the medium term due to on-going economic restructuring, shift in composition of resident labour force and job-skills mismatch. But it predicted that Singapore's labor demand will pick up in the fourth quarter of this year, in line with seasonal hiring as seen in previous years.-VNA