Illustrative photo (Photo: The Business Times)

 Singapore (VNA) – Singapore’s non–oil domestic exports (NODX) rebounded at 11.5 percent in November from a 12 percent reduction in the previous month, according to data of the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

Electronic shipments grew 3.5 percent after dropping 6 percent in October, largely due to increases in the export of integrated circuits (IC), computer parts and disks.

Meanwhile, non-electronic goods also witnessed a recovery with a rise of 15.3 percent, contrasting to a decline of 14.6 percent in the previous month. The increase in this area was led by pharmaceuticals, specialized machinery and petrochemicals.

IE Singapore said the country’s shipments to ten top markets, except Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, rose in November, with increases of 48.3 percent in exports to the EU, 38.1 percent in Hong Kong – China and 15.8 percent in mainland China.

Singapore’s NODX is forecasted to fall at 4.1 percent in 2016, but expected to grow at 0.7 percent in 2017.-VNA