A new decree has stipulated in details six categories of Vietnamese citizens who are not allowed to work for foreign organisations and individuals in Vietnam.

The decree, signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on July 27 and to take effect as from September 15, guides the implementation of several articles of the Labour Code on the recruitment of management of Vietnamese working for foreign organisations and individuals operating in the country.

Accordingly, the first category includes officers, soldiers and those working for the Vietnamese People’s Army and People’s Police, as well as the government information security system.

Officials and public servants as stipulated in the Law on Public Employees belong to the second category.
The third and fourth categories are those who are working in sectors relating to state secrets and their husbands or wives.
In the fifth category are all those who have been disciplined for leaking state secrets or national security, while the sixth one groups those who are subject to criminal proceedings or are carrying out their criminal sentences, as well as those who are banned from doing certain jobs under criminal laws.

The decree also makes clear that foreign organisations and individuals include diplomatic agencies, foreign consulates, representative offices of the United Nations’ agencies and organisations, regional organisations, international organisations and inter-governmental, foreign governmental and foreign non-governmental organisations. It also covers resident offices of foreign news agencies, radio and television stations, no-profit representative offices of foreign organisations operating in economics, trade, finance, banking , insurance, science-technology, culture, education, health, and legal consulting.-VNA