The “Memories of Hanoi” exhibition depicts the lives of local Hanoians during Vietnam’s subsidy economy during 1975-1980. The peaceful, idyllic culture of a thousand-year-old land and the memory of a simpler time are recurring themes throughout the display. One notable highlight of the exhibit is the launch of a book featuring a collection of sketches, titled “Old Apartment Blocks in Hanoi – Sketches and Memories”.

The exhibition features items and sketches that reminisce over life during the nation’s subsidy period. Old apartment blocks and street corners around Hanoi are depicted through the hands of novice and professional artists who share a love for the capital city.

They hope to capture some of the fond memories made in old apartment buildings. These old building will no doubt disappear someday, which is likely to be soon thanks to the rapid urbanisation of the capital. However these residential dwellings have housed a number of individual and family stories, becoming a distinct feature of Hanoi that so many have grown to love and cherish.

The 200 sketches selected in the book were the result of  year of the team’s hard work. In addition to the images, there is also a selection of memories from a range of generations who lived and became attached to these dormitories.

The Hanoi Urban Sketching Group was established in 2017 and so far has attracted about 3500 people of various ages and occupations to participate in activities.

The “Old Apartment Blocks in Hanoi – Sketches and Memories” is a milestone, setting the stage for the Urban Sketchers Hanoi group to welcome an international sketch event, which will take place in Hanoi in 2019. –VNA