The Vietnamese social network, reports that it now has more than 12 million members.

This is an important period for the network because of the increasing competition from domestic and foreign social networks.

Since launched, the network has developed strongly and rapidly, according to Phan Anh Tuan, the Network Director.

In March 2011, the network could boast only 3 million members however five months later it increased its membership to 5 million.

A big success story was the Internet Olympic English (IOE) contest, an offshoot of , which attracted almost 5 million pupils and students from 33,177 schools and colleges across the country.

This convinced Vietnamese network developers to create a network that would be able to become a large social network for education, entertainment and communication in the country.

With its main emphasis on television and telecommunications, the network benefits Vietnamese people in many ways and allows them to access it from TVs, PCs and mobile phones.-VNA