A ceremony was held in Hanoi on Jan. 11 to mark the 45th founding day of the Organisation of Solidarity between the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL).

President of OSPAAAL’s Vietnam Committee Pham Van Chuong reviewed the establishment of the organisation connecting Asian and African countries which fight colonialism for national independence with advanced movements in Latin America which struggle for freedom and democracy.

OSPAAAL has persistently supported the struggles of people in Asian, African and Latin American countries for their national and democratic rights, he said, adding that the organisation has put forward initiatives for solidarity and received strong support from countries of the three regions.

To Vietnam, OSPAAAL always offers warm support and solidarity, Chuong said.

Cuaban Ambassador to Vietnam Fredesman Turroz Gonzalez said he hoped OSPAAAL would continue to unveil new initiatives and develop its role to strengthen solidarity and friendship between peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America for peace, cooperation and development./.