The geographical distance between Vietnam and Cuba could not be a deterrent to their solidarity, but rather, made it stronger to support both in overcoming all difficulties and challenges.

It is rare to find the heartfelt, intimate and pure friendship like the one Vietnam has given to Cuba, Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Herminio Lopez Diaz remarked in an interview with Quan doi Nhan dan (People’s Army) newspaper on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Cuba’s National Day (January 1, 1959-2014).

According to the diplomat, that solidarity and friendship have always been fostered, in wartime and in peace time, helping the Vietnam-Cuba relationship stand the test of time over the past five decades.

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro’s historical visit to the liberated zone in southern Vietnam in September, 1973 is a symbol of the noble solidarity as it was the first and only visit by a head of state to the zone when Vietnam was in wartime, he said.

Over the years, dialogues have been maintained and all-level visits exchanged by the two countries to enhance their mutual understanding. Among those were Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit to Cuba and President Raul Castro’s visit to Vietnam .

The diplomat spoke of a lot of potential for the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation today.

He stressed special interests in receiving Vietnamese businesses to visit and explore investment deals in Cuba’s special economic zone called Mariel, which was set up as part of the country’s economic update process.

The Ambassador assured that Vietnamese investors will be given such incentives as being protected from lawsuits lodged by third parties and allowed to send their dividends and profits overseas free of tax or fees.

Regarding the bio-tech field, he pointed to the possibility for the two countries to cooperate in producing vaccines and medicines or in trading and commercialising Cuba-made bio-products in Vietnam and other countries in the region.

The training of human resources is an area that Cuba can help Vietnam, he added while highlighting Vietnam’s effective cooperation with Cuba in rice growing as it can help Cuba ensure food security in the future.

He underlined that new policies on foreign investment and businesses that Cuba is pursuing can create certain momentum for the two countries to increase their cooperation in various fields, contributing to raising their relationship to a new height.-VNA