The People’s Committee of the northern mountainous province of Son La has devised a number of incentives to attract investment in tourism development.

The efforts will focus on improving its investment climate, administrative procedures and infrastructure facilities and fostering promotion activities.

“The approved master plan for the development of the Moc Chau National Tourism Zone is a crucial legal framework for the province to mobilise long-term and comprehensive investment” Deputy Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Pham Van Thuy said, highlighting strong potential for tourism, particularly resorts and ecotourism.

The locality should build on its advantages and develop specific plans to boost the sector, he added.

Dinh Hong Phuc, Deputy Director of the Pha Luong tourist agency, said the company will work closely with local residents to improve facilities and service quality, further strengthen homestay tourism and draw tourists to the locality.

The Moc Chau National Tourism Zone, covering more than 206,000 hectares in Moc Chau and Van Ho districts, features diversified and unique products, natural landscapes and ethnic cultural identities, such as the Ban Flower Festival, Nao Song Festival, New Crop Festival, and Miss Cow festival.