The People’s Committee of the northern mountainous province of Son La said that during the first quarter of this year it completed 122 projects serving resettlement communities.

The projects include roads, electricity, water and irrigation systems, public works, schools and production assistance, all of which are intended to boost socio-economic development in areas established to accommodate people relocated to make way for the construction of the Son La hydroelectric power plant.

Since 2003, the province has established 269 resettlement areas and completed 2,022 related infrastructure projects, representing 93 percent of the projects approved by the Government.

The province currently has 178 projects underway.

The 2,400 MW Son La Hydropower Plant, the largest project in Southeast Asia, is situated in It Ong Commune, Muong La District of Son La province. Over 20,000 households in Dien Bien, Son La and Lai Chau provinces had to move to make way for the project.

The plant was officially put into operation on December 23, 2012, after seven years of construction, three years earlier than scheduled. It supplies on average 10.2 billion kWh each year to the national grid.-VNA