The northern mountainous province of Son La is focusing its efforts on socio-economic development in ethnic minority areas, seeking to lower the rate of impoverished household by 3-4 percent per year through 2019.

The locality aims to bring electricity to 95 percent of its villages, provide clean water access to 95 percent of its households and concrete all roads between villages.

Additionally, it plans to provide training for over 50 percent of labourers from ethnic minority groups.

According to reports released by the provincial Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, from 2009-2014, local poor families were provided with thousands of tonnes of seeds and fertilizers and a larger number of cattle and poultry heads for developing home economics and improving their living conditions.

Through the tireless efforts of local authorities and sectors, as many as 87 percent of households have access to electricity and 80 percent of its rural population have access to clean water. The number of families living in poverty also decreased by 2-3 percent each year between 2009 and 2014.

Thanks to the shift towards cultivating new crop plant varieties with high economic value and the expansion of effective economic models, the income of local farmers was improved, especially those in ethnic minority areas, resulting in reduced rates of deforestation and nomadic farming.-VNA