Over the past decade, the Son La Medical College in the northwest mountainous province of Son La has trained around 100 students from Laos’ northern provinces.

The initiative helps to improve the capacity of healthcare sector personnel to serve their ethnic minority people in mountainous areas.

Sharing a 250-kilometre borderline with Laos, the province has carried out numerous cooperative programmes between the two countries.

Many Lao students from the Huaphan, Bokeo and Luang Phabang provinces have studied at Tay Bac University, Son La College, Son La Medical College and Son La Agriculture and Forestry College.

According to the provincial Department of Education and Training, over 600 Lao students are currently pursuing school and college courses in Son La.

The training programme also speeds up the implementation of the project “improving quality and cooperative efficiency between Vietnam and Laos in education and manpower development” signed by the two governments.-VNA