National broadcaster Vietnam Television will launch a new music ranking programme to include the nation's favourite songs from next January.

Bai Hat Yeu Thich (Most Favourite Songs) will rank newly recorded songs based on the audience's vote, a judging committee's decisions, and the number of views on the programme's website at

The panel will gather 100 prestigious audiences in different fields from across the country to judge nominated songs, and ten judges to be replaced each month with new members.

Through this process, the most popular tracks will be chosen on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, and aired live every month on entertainment channel VTV3.

The creators of the music chart named well-known music composer and producer Ho Hoai Anh as its executive producer.

Anh said the ranking programme will give a boost to the local music industry, adding that he is excited to be a part of it.

"The launch of this chart is necessary for Vietnamese music," he said, "it finds out which one is the most loved song and why and how long it will be listed on the board."

"This is the chance for singers and composers to introduce their work and nominate themselves," Anh said, "the audience's taste is concerned as well."

The show will broadcast the top 15 most popular songs which are chosen and nominated by another "selection" committee, which is comprised of well-known music professionals including producers, composers and journalists.

Songwriter Nguyen Cuong commented that he values this new programme highly for its interesting format, and its interaction with music fans.

The programme is expected to become a new community for music fans while breathing new life into the music industry.

The songs' voting will be independently audited by the international auditing firm Deloite.

Bai Hat Yeu Thich will air live at 9pm on the first Sunday of every month on VTV3, with the first programme set to air on January 15./.