The nation's fashion industry is heating up with three major fashion shows set to take place this month, ahead of next month's Spring-Summer Fashion Week which will attract 24 designers across the nation.

The shows will feature the latest trends gracing the catwalks for the nation's fashion elite.

"Vietnamese fashion is evolving. Professional and unique shows have replaced entertainment-oriented ones. This evolution makes us optimistic about the future of the fashion industry," said experienced designer Minh Hanh.

Designer Nguyen Cong Tri kicked off "fashion month" on November 1 with a solo show entitled "N°7 - Cam On Sai Gon" (N°7 - Thank You Sai Gon).

He also portrayed traditional ao dai (long dress) with vivid prints of Ho Chi Minh City, balancing the collection with his latest black and white Haute Couture designs.

Designer Do Manh Cuong, owner of prestigious brand DMC, will launch his highly-anticipated autumn-winter show in the southern hub on November 12, after his spring-summer Le Jardin (The Garden) show in May.

Set to show 70 designs, Cuong's Butterfly collection remains faithful to the brand's appeal, focusing on wearability and high-quality fabrics. The collection is said to be a harmony between colours and classic black and whites.

Elle Vietnam will wrap up the month with the Spring-Summer Elle Fashion Show in Ho Chi Minh City, with a representative from Elle Vietnam telling Sai Gon Giai Phong (Liberated Sai Gon) newspaper the show would have a simple focus – the designs.

According to organisers, the spring-summer Elle fashion shows used to take place in April whereas the autumn-winter shows in September (Autumn-Winter).The change is a significant turning-point, with hopes to synchronise Vietnam's fashion events with international fashion shows.

"These shows provide buyers with a wealth of information. Designers have worked tirelessly and want to meet demand," said designer Hanh. "In countries where fashion demand increases, collections each year partly contribute to meeting that demand and improving the life of people in those countries. This rule is the one designers should follow."

Hanh herself and designer Cong Khanh will host a fashion show on Le Phung Hieu Street, one of Hanoi's most picturesque streets. The event will mark the 40th anniversary of Vietnam's diplomatic relationship with Italy.

According to top model Xuan Lan who has been working in the industry for years, the growing number of professional events such as Dep fashion show, Elle fashion show, F fashion show and individual shows hosted by noted designers like Cuong and Tri in the past two years signal positive changes of Vietnam's fashion.

"It is the very renowned fashion shows and designers that have directed the market. Each of them follow their own distinct styles, creating a fair competition in the marketplace," said Lan.

"Shows are also much better organised, enabling models to experience a highly disciplined and professional working environment. All these factors will help boost the local fashion industry," she added.-VNA