The Ca Mau Cape National Park in southernmost Ca Mau province is home to rather big flocks of rare animals and birds that are listed in Red Books of Vietnam and the world, the park’s top official has said.

Director Tran Quoc Tuan named the long-tailed macaque (macaca tasciculalis), silver langur (trachypithecus germaini), grey-legged pelican (pelecanus philippinensis), painted stork (Ibis leucocephalus), white ibis (threskiornis melanocephalus) which are listed in the Red Book by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Ca Mau Cape National Park, located in Nam Can and Ngoc Hien districts, covers around 42,000 ha as part of the UNCESCO-recognised Ca Mau Bio-ecological Reserve.

It has a diverse wetland ecological system marked with 93 flora species belonging to 38 families, 28 animal species from 13 families, six amphibian species from four families, 34 reptile species of 14 families.

The park is also a sanctuary of 74 bird species belonging to 23 families, including 28 immigrants and a number of rare birds./.