Seven fatalities and a dozen injuries have resulted from recent violent attacks and bomb detonations in Thailand’s war-torn south.

Thai police said three were killed and four others were wounded after a motorcycle bomb exploded outside a karaoke bar in southern Songkhla province's Sadao district, an area of unrest which borders the conflict-hit region.

The same day, southernmost Narathiwat province was rocked by three explosions, including at another karaoke bar in Sugnai Kolok district that injured eight people.

Shortly after midnight, an arson attack occurred at shops in the same district, killing three, while in a nearby area a 35-year-old Muslim man was shot dead by an unknown number of gunmen who fled the scene.

It is not clear if the attacks were coordinated, but they do come during the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan when violence becomes more frequent in the south.

The conflict over the past decade has led to more than 6,300 deaths, mainly Buddhist and Muslim civilians.

Since the end of last year, local authorities have committed to boost peaceful negotiations with the rebel groups through the help of neighbouring Malaysia, but little progress has been made.-VNA