At the foot of Pom Co mountain in Dien Bien province’s Tuan Giao district, there is a special class where local women of all ages practice Vietnamese pronunciation. 

At 60 years of age, Vu Thi Tinh is practicing her Vietnamese skills. Though her hands are toughened by hard work over the years, now, they are learning how to diligently write single characters. For Tinh, this is her inspiration to work and learn every day.

This class opened in February in 2019 on a voluntary basis. Most of the women in the village participate and they contribute everything, from a blackboard to learning materials. The class starts at noon since they have farm work in the afternoon. They rarely miss a class.

The Women’s Union of Chang village has more than 80 members, 12 of whom haven’t been to school. A total 30 people are illiterate and all of them are encouraged to join the class, in a bid to learn how to write and pronounce basic words.

The ability to write and read seem to be very common, though, it seems to be the obstacle and dream of these women and they are working hard everyday to realise the dream.

Even though, the class is still simple and rudimentary, they are bringing great benefit to the women in need of education.-VNA