In the early days of the new year, Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Tràng Đà commune, Tuyen Quang city, welcomed thousands of tourists and pilgrims from throughout Vietnam.

It was not only an opportunity for them to pray for good health, peace, and luck in the new year but also to understand more about the culture and history of the relics at the site.

It was a good sign for Tuyen Quang’s tourism sector in the opening days of the new year.

Tuyen Quang is home to many temples and pagodas that are hundreds of years old, many of which have been recognised as national relics. They are not only known for their sacredness, rich history, and unique ancient architecture, but also for their charming and pristine surrounding landscapes.

The local tourism sector has made important changes in recent years, diversifying tourism offerings and creating major attractions for local and foreign visitors.

Tuyen Quang is actively creating tours to develop spiritual tourism, while contributing to preserving historical and cultural values.

Tourism has been identified as an important economic sector in Tuyen Quang. It attracted more than 2.3 million tourists last year, with total social revenue reaching over 102 million USD./.