Young volunteers from Am group meet at 9pm under the cold of below 10 degrees Celsius.

Water bottles are put in the food bags. Noodles, milk and especially warm blankets and coats have been carefully sorted and packed in gift bags.

Late night is the time when homeless people call a day off and they will look for a place to sleep.

Walking on Hanoi’s streets in the cold weather, youngsters are looking for homeless people who take pavements as their shelters.

Founded in 2013 from a few youngsters, currently, the number of the group’s member has increased, helping to spread good deeds to less lucky people.

Each gift is given with warm greetings from young people, helping the homeless overcome the chilli winter night.

The journey to spread the warmth and love from youngsters continues at nights. The gifts are small, but wherever they come, a cold winter night becomes warmer and happier./.