A worshipping ceremony for ancestors of the Lô Lô ethnic minority group in the northern province of Ha Giang was re-enacted at the festival, which is held every Lunar New Year, or Tet. In each house of this group is an altar worshipping the family’s ancestors.

The solemn ceremony is usually hosted by the male head of the family in the presence of other family members. Preparations for the ceremony take place throughout the year.

The Crop Celebration Ceremony of the K’ho ethnic minority group in the central highlands’ province of Lâm Đồng was also re-enacted at the festival.

Local people hold a worshipping ceremony to ask the Rice Genie for a bumper crop during the year to come and wealth for all families.

Each ethnic minority group has its own customs for celebrating Tet, but all aim to wish for the new year to be full of happiness and abundant crops./.