Spring fests for a happy New Year hinh anh 1Tran Temple Festival aimed at commemorating the great dedication of Tran kings is held annually on the 13th day of the first lunar month (Photo: vietnamtourism.gov.vn)

Thai Binh (VNA) - A range of spring festivals are taking place in the north of Vietnam as locals wish for a year full of happiness, health and prosperity.

One of the biggest celebrations, Tran Temple Festival, which aims to commemorate the great dedication of kings in the Tran Dynasty (1225-1400) in founding and protecting the nation, kicked off at night of February 28 with the participation of thousands of local residents.

This year’s festival commemorates the 730th anniversary of the third victory over the invading Mongols.

The five-day festival features traditional rituals, a fish-cooking contest, folk games as well as a water procession in which water was taken from the Red River and carried for nearly 20km as an offering to Tran Kings.

One of the most significant contributions of the Tran dynasty is repelling the aggressive Yuan-Mongol invaders three times in the 13th century.

The festival is held annually in Hung Ha district of the northern province of Thai Binh, an important military base in the fight against the Yuan-Mongols and the resting place of some Tran kings.

Starting from the early 12th century, the Tran family settled in Thai Binh province, where they grew rice and fished for a living. Thus this area is believed to be the founding place of the Tran Dynasty, one of the most powerful dynasties in the feudal history of Vietnam. This was also home to several temples and shrines dedicated to the Tran royal family.

Meanwhile, the Dong Cuong Temple Festival in Dong Cuong commune, Van Yen district of the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai featured traditional rituals praying for good things in the New Year.

A wide range of cultural and sport activities were arranged during the two-day event, including the sacrifice of the white buffalo, art performances and sports contests like volleyball, tug of war, wrestling and boat races.

The festival closed on February 28.

In the mountainous province of Bac Kan, the Mu La Festival is organised from the 12th to 14th day of the first lunar month (February 27- March 1) with the aim of waving off the unfortunate happenings of the previous year and to wish for favourable weather and happiness for local people.

It features folk games like bird fighting, cow fighting, sports games and bonfires.

This is an opportunity to introduce and promote the culture and customs of local ethnic people as well as the beautiful landscapes of Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang to visitors.

Mu La is located in Co Linh Commune of Bac Kan province, bordering Tuyen Quang province.-VNA