SSC warns investors to beware of fraud in online groups hinh anh 1Illustrative photo (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - More and more fraud is occurring on various online platforms by investing groups, deceiving investors.

The State Securities Commission (SSC) thus urges investors to be vigilant at all times and not fall for scammers.

They are recommended to check official sources for verified information any time they exchange securities-related information with other persons.

They should also arm themselves with knowledge, notably the understanding of securities, corporate finance and legal regulations, to avoid being misinformed.

“Only after a thorough assessments of companies’s performance and development potential should an investment decision be made,” the SSC said.

On November 17, BIDV Securities Company had to put up a notice on its website warning that a number of people had posed as employees of the company to scam investors on Zalo.

Previously, VNDirect Securities Corporation confirmed a number of individuals had disguised themselves as company staff to commit fraudulent acts through calls and messages.

FPT Securities Company is also concerned with online fraud, saying that many scammers used the company logo on various online platforms to trick clients into transferring money to fraudulent accounts.  

Any act of cheating, deception, making untrue statements or omission of necessary information that causes material loss is strictly prohibited under the Securities Law./.